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BeitragThema: Inspiration   Mo März 27, 2017 6:12 pm

The Dream Thieves
p. 37 - "[...] he hadn't realized yet that Gansey could persuade even the sun to pause and give him the time."
p. 58 - "What do you want, Adam? \ To feel awake when my eyes are open."
p. 60 - "If you never saw the stars, candles were enough."
p. 61 - "She tried not to let it sound like she was hurt, but she was, and it did."
p. 72 - "The thing was, Ronan knew what a face looked like, just before it was about to break. He'd seen it in the mirror often enough. Adam had fracture lines all over him."
p. 106 - "Do you think you're a train wreck?" \ "That would mean I was on the tracks to start with", he replied."
p. 126 - "But in everything Gansey didn't say, in every feeling he didn't paint on his face, he was shouting: \ It's gone."
p. 147 - Ronan put his hand on the uneven surface of the door handle. Out of habit, his palm memorized the feel of it. Not the idea of it, but the real sensation of it, the texture and shape and temperature of the metal, everything he'd need to bring it back from a dream."
p. 151 - "And it was his smile that buried Ronan; [..]"
p. 151 - "[...] to abuse the imagination."
p. 154 - "Chainsaw eyed herself briefly before hiding on the other side of Ronan's neck; Adam did the same, but without the hiding-in-Ronan's-neck bit."
p. 159 - "Suddenly, he coulnd't stand it, any of it, his father's dreams, his childhood home, his own skin. \ He punched the wall. His knuckles bit plaster, and the plaster bit back."
p. 165 - "Upside down, Calla was trying to look dismissve, but it was clear that one of her arched eyebrows was terribly interested."
p. 189 - »"Ronan", Gansey said, "Lynch."«
p. 212 - »"Please don't insult my intelligence", Gansey replied, and there was just a hint of a glacial laugh in his voice.«
p. 268 - »He wore a white tank, and his exposed shoulder was raw and beautiful as a corpse.«
p. 269 - »Want was eating him alive.«
p. 270 - »The car was Gansey's religion, and Ronan found it a worthy god.«
p. 280 - »I'm a fish who's forgotten how to breathe in water.«
p. 289 - »Once, he'd been stabbed with a screwdriver - [...] - and falling in love with Maura Sargent was exacttly the same. [...] When he'd begun to regrow skin where it had been chewed away.
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